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[The 7th Korea SW Product Quality Awards] Ceremony

제7회 대한민국 SW제품 품질대상 시상식

The '7th Korea SW Product Quality Awards' ceremony was held at TTA in Seongnam City, Gyeonggi-do on the 26th. The winners are pictured here posing for a commemorative photo.

From left, TTA Chairman Choi Young-hae, Twigfarm CEO Baek Sun-ho, Geomexsoft CEO Ahn Sang-seop, Innerbus Director Huh Nam-ho, Samsung SDS Executive Vice President Choi Jae-seop, RSupport Vice President Song Eui, YoungLimWon SoftLab Vice President Oh Young-su, Tech Village CEO Choi Dong-hoon, AIDOT CEO JeongJae-hoon, Taeyoon Kim, Head of PNP Secure Head Taeyoon Kim, Lablup Operations Manager Jeongmuk Kim, and, Director of The Electronic Times Seungmo Hong.

우수상(전자신문회장상) 트위그팜
<Excellence Award (The ElectronicTimes’ Chairman's Award) Twig Farm>

[Reporter Lee Dong-geun]

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