Research and Design Digital Communication.


Designing digital tech for daily communication
We study digital communication technology in everyday life that everyone needs and can easily experience.

We design variety of services using technology that can create sustainable future values that is useful for your typical and ordinary situation.


Experience it yourself.

Your newsletters becomes insight with heybunny. Locate and subscribe to all your favorite newsletters whether local or foreign.

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Gcon Studio

Experience new era of customized translation. Mix and match, find the perfect term, and get the best recommendation that fits you.

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Twigfarm's unique NLP engine will allow you to create natural digital language. Express yourself freely in any language the way you intended.

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Oct : Partnership with 'Kakao Work' a Kakao Enterprise service
Sep : Collaboration with SBS for colloquial machine translation research and API translation service
Aug : Awarded with 'NIA AI Corpus Project '(Lead Organization: Twigfarm, Participating Organizations: Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Chung-Ang University, Korea Standards Association, Lexcode, etc., Recipient Organization: SBS)
Aug : Acquired 'T3' in tech rating
Apr : 'heybunny' pivots as a newsletter management platform
Mar : Launched comparative translation service for 'Gcon Studio'


Sep : Selected as leading organization for the 'NIA Corpus Project'
Aug : Won AI data processing project from NIA
Jun : Researched and developed ‘SaaS-based hybrid translator’
Apr : Attracted KODIT Credit Guarantee Fund Pre-series A Investment
Apr : Launched ‘heybunny,' an email-based translation service

Dec : Participated in '4th Industrial Revolution Festival' AI Hall
Dec : MOU with Seihou (Japan)
Oct : Acquisition of SuperSquare, a communication design company
Sep : Test higher than Google in machine translation on ko-en patent
Aug : Launched system-based professional translation service ‘Languify’
Jul : Selected as supplier of 'Data Voucher Support Program'
Jun : Participated in 'ConnecTech Asia' Singapore / A.I. field
Jun : Recipient of grand prize in the start-up competition for IP info
Apr : Participated in 'Japan IT Week' / A.I. field
Jan : Exported system translation service to the United States
Oct : Recipient of Digital Innovation Grand Prize
Oct : Launched 'Gcon Studio', AI Translation Management System
May : Selected as 'RND for start-up growth technology development'
May : Selected as 'SBA Acceleration Program'
Feb : GS Class 1 Certification for Gcon Studio V2
Jan : Selected as '2018 Future Leader Innovation Leader'
Dec : Selected as a 'Co-habitat Support Program' for KOSPO
Jul : Selected as a '2017 Accelerator Match-up Support Project'
Jun : AC Investment from Sunbo Angel Partners
Jun : Recipeint of 'Incubation Project' at Seoul Start-up Hub
May : Selected as '2017 SW Development Support Project' by Cloud Innovation Center
Jan : Selected as K-Global 300
Feb : Founded Twigfarm
Jan : Recipient of 'Incubation Project' at Center for Creative Economy and Innovation