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Twigfarm Recognized as Localization Technology Leader with Grand Prize at the 2023 Korea Promising Patent Technology Awards


Twigfarm has been awarded the Grand Prize by the Korea Intellectual Property Commissioner for its patents, technology and innovation for its global localization solution 'Letterworks' at the 18th Korea Promising Patent Technology Awards.  


The 18th Korea Promising Patent Technology Awards is an award ceremony held to encourage SMEs, ventures, and startups to strengthen their competitiveness through patent creation and to encourage the growth of related industries through patent utilization. Each year, patent companies, IP services, and IP experts in each sector are selected and announced for their efforts in developing excellent patented technologies, the meaning of patent creation, and promotion through utilization, and the purpose is to spread patented technologies so that they can be used in industry.  


The award recognizes the technical excellence and innovation of Twigfarm's 'LETR WORKS' and comprehensively evaluates the number of patent applications and registrations, technology strategy and vision, excellence and originality, and impact on the industry.  


Sunho Baek, CEO of Twigfarm, said, "We take this award as a positive recognition of our technology and localization solutions. We will continue to strive to contribute to the industry with innovative technologies and services."  


"LETR WORKS not only localizes content such as corporate documents, K-dramas, K-movies, web novels, educational videos, YouTube, etc. but also webtoons and shopping mall product images, which will soon be added to accelerate content localization for various fields," he added.  


Twigfarm is providing new value to the global content industry with various technologies and solutions, including Letterworks, and plans to continue its efforts for technological innovation and growth.

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