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Twigfarm, participate in SWITCH 2023 held in Singpore to introduce LETR WORKS


Twigfarm, a startup that has developed a content localization service using artificial intelligence, will be participating in SWITCH 2023 in Singapore from October 31 to November 2. In July the Ministry fo SMEs and Startup held a recruitment program to select companies to participate in the event. The recruitment was open to startups aiming to enter the Southeast Asian market, and companies selected through this recruitment process will participate. Twigfarm will introduce and demonstrate its content localization solution, LETR WORKS.

Twigfarm’s LETR WORKS is an AI-powered SaaS service for localizing digital content. LETR WORKS can be used to localize a wide variety of digital content, including videos, webtoons, and web novels. The service is used by broadcasters, organizations, and companies with their own content. LETR WORKS aims to make localizing content faster and less expensive. The time and cost savings are made possible by LETR WORKS’s technology and minimized workflow.

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As long as you have the content files, you can request work from the service. Upon request, a manager is assigned to handle localization, and all projects are handled in a folder shared with the client, allowing them to view and communicate with the work in real time. Recent updates to the service include the ability to automatically create and edit subtitles and collaborative translation.

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Twigfarm has announced that it will begin its overseas expansion in earnest by opening a subsidiary in Singapore in the second half of this year, and SWITCH 2023 in Singapore is likely to be the beginning. The event will consist of four programs : a conference, country-specific seminars, a pitching competition, and an exhibition. The conference will provide opportunities for local startup companies looking to expend overseas to hear success stories and invite global VCs to pitch. The event has been held for the 8th time this year.

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