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More than 100 AI Start-ups Showcase for Investment at 'NextRise' Conference

Entrance to NextRise (Source: AI Times)

Many AI companies participated in the startup fair 'NextRise 2023, Seoul’, each hoping to attract investment.


NextRise was held at COEX in Seoul on the 1st and 2nd of June, with more than 100 AI companies, including 52 AI and big data companies across various fields.


This event is a comprehensive startup event organized by the KDB Bank and the Korea International Trade Association(KITA) with the aim of expanding investment attraction for promising startups and business cooperation with domestic and international large and medium-sized companies. This year, more than 450 startups, large and medium-sized companies, and relevant organizations participated.


Among AI companies, participants include ‘VCAT’ (Pion Corporation) specializing in video generation AI, ‘DeepBrain’ specializing in virtual humans, ‘Twigfarm’ specializing in translation, ‘Skelter Labs’ specializing in conversational AI, ‘Superb-ai’ specializing in machine learning, and ‘Wonderful Platform’ specializing in care-bots.

‘VCAT’ was selected for the 'NextRise Awards' and awarded an opportunity to pitch itself and its products on the main stage.

In addition, notable companies such as Kim Caddie (Lifestyle Zone), MadangSpace, Opt-AI, Alyce Healthcare (SuperStart Zone), The VPlanet, Aria Studio, Sound Platform, PlumeD (Content Pavilion Zone), Pillyze (Bio & Healthcare Zone), Plana, RoboCare (FutureTech Zone) also attracted attention.


In particular, Black Tangerine(‘Cocon’), a company that provides a personal color through AI analysis service 'Cocon', attracted a long queue of visitors who wanted to experience the service despite it being an investment-focused event. Are presentative from Black Tangerine stated, "About 300 people visited the booth to experience the service," and added, "Many investors also showed interest."


In addition, a total of 71 presentations were held at this event of which the 'Unicorn of Tomorrow' session, which included representatives from leading domestic semiconductor startups such as ‘Rebellions’, ‘Furiosa AI’ and ‘SemiFive’, received a positive response.


Moreover, with that availability of more than 150 meetup booths, a total of 206 large and medium-sized companies, including global companies, conducted 1-on-1 business meetups with over 900 startups and sought opportunities for business and investment cooperation, totaling more than 3,400 sessions.


An official from the KD Bank stated, "We will continue to develop NextRise asthe leading landmark fair in Asia, supporting our startups to grow intounicorns and expand into the global market."

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