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Twigfarm Introduces Content Localization Tool 'LETR Works' at NextRise 2023


Twigfarm(CEO Sun-ho Baek), an AI natural language processing(NLP) company, announed its participation in the upcoming "NextRise 2023, Seoul" event, which will be held at COEX for two days on June 1st and 2nd.


NextRise, organized by the KDB Bank and the Korea International Trade Association(KITA), is the largest startup fair in Korea, where global startups, large and mid-sized companies, and investors gather.

Twigfarm will showcase its AI technologies, products, and services for the localization of digital content such as videos and webtoons. They will highlight their content localization tool called "LETR Works," which supports text translation, subtitle generation and translation, and more. With recent updates, LETR Works now offers features such as automatic subtitle generation by analyzing videos, easy editing of subtitles, and collaborative translation capabilities.


During the event, Twigfarm will conduct live demo and product experiences of their content localization tool, LETR Works, at their exhibition booth. They will introduce machine translation (MT) that understands the context of the content and effective and flexible collaboration and project management functions. Additionally, they plan to present SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions for potential customers such as OTT platforms and webtoon platforms who are interested in streamlining large-scale content localization.


Furthermore, Twigfarm has also been selected to participate in the main event of the Global Business Expansion Contest 2023 for Startups (GBEC), which is a sub-event of NextRise aimed at startups aspiring to expand internationally. Sponsored by AWS(Amazon Web Services) and Megazone Cloud, the contest provides selected companies with overseas expansion support programs, including expert education and IR events. On June 2nd, Sun-ho Baek will present the company's solutions and overseas expansion plans on the main stage of NextRise.


Twigfarm will also participate in the signature program of NextRise, the 1:1 Meetup. Currently in the process of attracting Series A investments, Twigfarm aims to directly meet and explore collaborations, partnerships, and business opportunities with domestic and international large and mid-sized companies, as well as venture capitals (VCs).


Sun-ho Baek stated, "LETR Works has streamlined localization tasks by utilizing AI technology to reduce the time and cost associated with tasks such as voice recognition, transcription, translation, task allocation, and project management." He further added, "At this event, we plan to introduce more advanced products and services through continuous updates. We have also enhanced collaborative features for customers, particularly those in the OTT platform industry, who require faster and more extensive content localization."

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