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Twigfarm attends "Gwangju Representative Industries 2030 Vision Report Meeting"

Twigfarm at "Gwangju Representative Industries 2030 Vision Report Meeting"

Twigfarm,an AI natural language processing company, is proud to have participated in the" Gwangju Representative Industries 2030 Vision Report Meeting " heldat the InnoBIZ Center in Gwangju City on May 24th.


At the meeting, Gwangju City presented a blueprint to achieve a production value of USD 77.5 billion (101 trillion won) by 2030, focusing on nine representative industries.

Gwangju City designated two ‘challenge industries’ (semiconductors and data), five ‘strategic industries’ (mobility, artificial intelligence, cultural content, energy, and medical healthcare), and two "foundational industries"(optoelectronics and smart roots) as the nine representative industries. At this report meeting, Twigfarm participated as a subdivision of the "challenge industries" in the field of data.


Twigfarm, which provides an AI-based content localization platform and training data, is located in the Gwangju AI Startup Camp. Mayor Ki-jeong Kang said, "To complete the future industrial city centered around 'technology, demonstration, and talent’, we will secure leading-edge technologies and establish testing and certification support infrastructure to enhance global competitiveness."

He emphasized, "To achieve this, we will invest a total of USD 744 million (9.7billion won) in 47 projects and establish a virtuous cycle structure of technology development, testing and certification, and product/service commercialization."


Meanwhile, Sun-ho Baek, the CEO of Twigfarm, stated, "Gwangju is the optimal city for innovative companies like Twigfarm to grow," and added, "We will contribute to achieving the vision of Gwangju as a future industrial opportunity city by enhancing technological expertise and securing sustainable growth momentum."

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