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Twigfarm is evaluated at 'T3' in Tech Rating


Twigfarm(CEO: Sunho Baek) has obtained the ‘T3’ Tech Rating, one of the highest grades for technological competitiveness and technology business capability, in the technology rating evaluation conducted by Nice D&B, a corporate credit rating agency.

Tech Credit Bureau (TCB) is an index that comprehensively analyzes, evaluates, and judges the value of a company's value in the areas of technology, marketability, business feasibility, and management capability. The evaluation ratings are divided into 10 levels from T1 to T10and announced every year. Among them, the T3 grade is the top 3 grade, and itis given to companies with excellent technology enough to qualify for the special listing conditions on the KOSDAQ.

우수기술기업 인증서(주식회사 트위그팜)

Established in 2016, Twigfarm researches neural network-based & user data-based translation.  Twigfarm has developed cloud-based platforms ‘Gcon Studio’ and ‘heybunny’, a currently running application. 'Gcon Studio', a translation platform received GS (Good Software) certification of 1st grade from the Korea Information and Communication Technology Association in 2018. It also won the ‘Excellence Award’ at the ‘7th Korea SW Product Quality Awards' hosted by Electronic Times.

Twigfarm’s CEO Sunho Baek said, “I want Twigfarm to provide the best translation service in the world. I don’t want to be complacent and keep focused on my goal.”

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