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Twigfarm translation service is made easier with API for enterprises


Twigfarm (CEO Sun-ho Baek) has launched a new model of translation; in the form of API service. The API model was developed for companies with continuous high need in quick translation while maintaining top-of-the-line quality.

It is easy to think that large-scale translation project need matching number of human resources to stay in schedule. However, this is a common error since there are higher chance of human error in maintaining consistent quality among each other. The risk rises when communicating via e-mail which increases time spent on communication, as well as time lost on synchronizing the quality of multiple workers.

Translation companies have integrated an automated system to speed up the slow manual translation, but with many systems out there, it was easy to see that these systems could not deliver the highly-expected translation speed that each different translation company needed. To fill this hole, Twigfarm's API translation directly connects to the company’s system via API, which allows all translation to be processed in just one integrated system, surpassing the limitations of the existing translation system.

With the development of OTT services and the constant increase in demand for K-dramas the Korean media contents are spreading around the world. Various domestic OTT are already serviced locally while some are in the verge of entering global market.

Through API service Twigfarm now translates more than 1000 hours of broadcast contents. Twigfarm’s API integrates with its client’s content management system (CMS) allowing fully automated the process from requesting to delivering end results. Translators/editors can provide fast, high-quality translation using the Twigfarm’s quality inspect feature.

Twigfarm’s CEO Sun-ho Baek responded, “We plan to supply this technology to both media content manufacturer and media content translation companies. There are tons of great Korean media contents, and with our tech, I hope that they get recognized worldwide.”

Twigfarm is finding ways API translation service can be implemented to various business that will provide fast and accurate translation to companies that are preparing to enter the global market. To kick off, Twigfarm API translation service was integrated to Kakao Work users (Kakao Work is a business messenger platform). Kakao Work users can use Twigfarm’s API translation technology called ‘Gcon Studio’.  User can check translation quotes, request for translation, and get results with just a few clicks all in real-time.

Twigfarm will showcase a launching event, which will be held starting Sept. 9th. The event will allow users to use the no-limit professional translation service with 20% discount for a duration of the event.

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