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[The 7th Korea SW Product Quality Awards] Excellence Award - Twigfarm 'Gcon Studio'

[제7회 대한민국 SW제품 품질대상]우수상-트위그팜 '지콘스튜디오'

Twigfarm introduces 'Gcon Studio', an AI-based management solution for translation process and documents.

Gcon Studio analyzes translated documents and provides customized translation services based on user data. It is an AI-based Translation Management System (TMS) that improves the overall work efficiency and translation quality of the translation process.

Gcon Studio provides multilingual translation and management services in Korean-English and English-Korean translations as well Chinese and Japanese. Service covers technical fields, including chemistry, biotech, and patents. With the growth of AI translation neural network, the service is expanding to other languages. Recently, Twigfarm signed a contract with Morningside Translation, the world's top patent company, providing a patent translation service that combines professional translator reviews.

In addition, Twigfarm has obtained GS Class 1, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certifications. Twigfarm also holds grand prize in 'Digital Innovation' and is a member of 'K-Global 300' and 'Leaders of Future Innovation'.

Twigfarm stands out with the award of the intellectual property information utilization start-up competition.

In addition, with domestic and foreign tests/certifications Twigfarm has been recognized for its outstanding technological prowess and competitiveness in the field of AI machine translation with the likes of global leading companies such as Google and Micosoft.

[Editor - Ji-sun Kim]

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